Marketing Consulting

Our marketing consultants work with your company to create and implement marketing strategies. These strategies are centered on the core of the business and what services and products they offer. We help create a detailed marketing plan, determine the marketing message, and identify the appropriate marketing platform to get your message out


• Content Marketing
The goal of content marketing is to increase a brand’s authority and maximize exposure to targeted groups of prospects in a valuable way. Simply put, it is a way for your company to interact with prospects without selling.
Creating informative content pieces that are valuable to your target market will build trust. As you build trust and become viewed as an authority in your industry, prospects will want to connect with you and will “opt in” for more information and other value based offers.
Good content marketing can also encourage your highly engaged visitors to share your content, increasing your reach through the online equivalent of trusted word of mouth.

• Search Marketing
As you read this, your target market is searching online for information on the products or services that you offer. They are either finding you or they are finding your competition.
Search marketing is the calculated process of helping prospects find your offerings as they input specific keywords into the search engines.
Optimized on-site content, off-site link building and proper social media participation will drive your authority with search engines and allow you to achieve higher ranks for specific terms related to your company.

• Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is about engaging online communities that are relevant to your organization. By listening, learning, educating and building strategic relationships with key influencers, you can bring value to the community, make meaningful connections and exponentially expand the reach of your marketing efforts.

Social media marketing can help establish you as an authority or thought leader on a particular topic so that people will actively seek you out when they need information around the types of products and services you offer. It can create brand advocates by being helpful and responsive, and even amplify your message through a “viral effect”, where one person exposed to your message shares it with several of their friends or family members, who in turn may share it with others, exponentially multiplying your reach.

• Lead Generation
Lead generation and sales are the ultimate goal of an inbound marketing strategy. Your search marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing have been bringing targeted potential buyers to your blog, and other website pages.

Now it’s time for your call to action buttons to attract attention, promote clicks, and drive targeted buyers to optimized landing pages that convert visitor into leads.

Once a sales lead has been generated, lead nurturing and lead intelligence allows you to continue to provide value based information that can help a prospect realize the value of your offering and bring them deeper into the buying cycle.

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